Column258: Street Dog—Live at The Jenny Lind, Hastings 9/12/23
The song was written out in Berlin while Ross was waiting at a traffic light … observing the scene of passing traffic, which included police cars and a stray dog, and a line of nuns on bicycles which found its way into the lyric of another song from 2023 called ‘Black Moth’. Here the Hastings crowd show appreciation for a song that probably chimes with the spirit of Hastings’ renegades, with its building beat and defiant chorus.

Column258: LIstal—a slow film by Rotterdam filmmaker Bruno Decc, charting a train journey through the Norwegian snowlands. Looking for a soundtrack to sync to the film, Bruno contacted Keith Rodway,
the Column’s original bass player asking for ideas. Keith had the track ‘Listal’, recently recorded by the band, zipped up on his desktop. He opened it up and ran the film … both the film and track are exactly 14mins in length. He describes the feeling when he pressed play … “The hairs just stood up on the back of my neck … it was like the music had been scored for Bruno’s film’. Both recordings were made in 2019 and we’ve been playing to it live to the film ever since. The first version of Listal emerged from a session at YiaYai’s Studio in St Leonards, Winter 2017, but was rejected from the album ‘Mussolini Blues’. It’s hard to think of a better soundtrack to this meditative film …