Neo Psyche Groove

Column258 is a multi-disciplinary & groove making, sensory explorer…

The stage is set for sensory overload:

Hastings’ 6-piece neo-psych group, is a true experimental collective,
combining spoken word + improv. Mischevious art-rock pulsates at sonic outer-limits…
as the Column deliver one big addictive sound and huge cinematic atmosphere.
Blending analogue and digital, from found objects and samples, from horns to korgs,
hypnotic guitars weave through inventive song cycles.

With electric pinecones and multi-vocal looping; the band exemplifies the unexpected.
A powerhouse rhythm section of chain-drums and middle-eastern percussion sets the
groove alight and the flicker of beat poetry from the lost railroads of death valley
collaged to a noir movie of the back alleys of South London, and dreamscapes of half-
imagined translucent coasts!

Column258 incorporating street dancers, art and film, create unforgettable experiences.

“Reminiscent of The Beatles’ rooftop gig…very evocative of early Doors—LA Woman”.
K Moore / Metamorphic Practitioner

“Like Greenwich Village in 1974—its absolutely crazy—that’s what you want man”.
Ernesto Saul / Street Artist

“We love to have Column258 gigs—always a great vibe and brings in the footfall“.
D Sunney / Entrepreneur; venue owner

Iridescent abandonment“.
M Everett / Photographer / Wilder

“A cross between John Betjeman and Patti Smith”.
Enid Williams (Girls School)

“Listening to Column258 with its songs building to dramatic crescendos,
gave me goosebumps; they reminded me with the pulsing beat and
emotive violin of The Velvet Underground”
Julia Andrews / Director, Electric Palace

“Well that’s propulsive if ever. Wow. What Ian Curtis might have sounded /
been like, spiced with a dash of Nick Cave”.

Stuart Robinson / entrepreneur

Sounds like from San Francisco late 60’s!”
Stuart McKay / Channel 4 Archivist